All the headquarter departments of Spark Building Contracting are operated by an efficient team of qualified engineers and personnel. On-site projects are managed and operated by qualified in-house technical staff assisted by a large team of experienced and highly trained operators and state-of-the-art equipment. Spark Building Contracting is currently classified as a 2nd category contractor for Road works, Civil Construction works & Rain Water Drainage Contracting & continue to provide services in the following areas of expertise :

Road works

Asphalt Roads, Bituminous Surface Treatments, Road-Base, Sub-Base,Culverts, Interlock Tile Pavement with Kerbstone Edging, Right-of-Way & Urban Roads.

Civil Construction Works

Foundation, Sub-Structural, Super-Structural and Finishing Works for :-

  • Industrial Buildings, Power Plants /Substations /Water Treatment Plants(Water Desalination...).
  • Pipeline Facility Structures such as Pipe Racks, Terminals, SV Stations, Despatch Stations, Receipt Stations, Pigging Stations, Valve Pits, STPs.
  • Electrical/Instrumentation Facility Structures (incorporated civil works) such as Sub-Stations, Terminal Buildings, RDSs, GRSs, RCC Trenches.

Earth work

Deep Excavations, Disposal, Back-filling, Embankments, Berms, Cut & Fill,Grading, Topographic/Construction Surveying and Site Preparation works.

Storm Water Drainage & Sewerage Contracting

Civil works (Excavation and back-filling, concrete works,.....), Subsurface system installation including pipe laying, jointing, testing & commissioning.

Piping & Pipeline Works

Trenching, Laying, Jointing, Welding, Testing & Commissioning, Back-filling, Installations on Platforms for certain type of pipelines.